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Nature sites

Padasjoki has two major nature sites: Evo Hiking Area and Päijänne National Park. They are both very popular among tourists.

Päijänne-Ilves trail

Päijänne-Ilves trail is about 13 kilometers long hiking trail and it starts from the Padasjoki Harbor. It is a connection trail to Evo Hiking Area. The trail has a varying scenery and in the Evo Area you can continue to other hiking trails on the area. You can also take the trail from Evo to Padasjoki and get to know the waters and ridges of Päijänne. There are lean-tos and cabins along the trail. The trail is also well suited for mountain biking or trail running.

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Päijänne National Park

Päijänne National Park captures the outstanding natural beauty of the second largest lake in Finland, Lake Päijänne. The National Park extends to three different municipalities, one of which is Padasjoki. The park is well suited for kayaking and canoeing. Most of the areas in the park can only be reached by water. The most popular sight to see is the Kelvenne ridge island.
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Evo Hiking Area

Evo Hiking Area is covers a total of 8,500 hectares of hiking grounds and it is one of the largest forest areas in the Southern Finland. Evo offers an opportunity to hike on marked trails, and to stay overnight in a lean-to or on areas designated for camping.
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Other places to visit

Karhulenkki trail

Karhulenkki trail goes along the Kelkutteenharju ridge in Evo. It takes about three hours to fully travel this medium-challenging trail. The trail has information boards along the way. The boards have a proverb theme. If you wish to make a longer trip, this trail can be combined with the Päijänne-Ilves trail. The trail is also suitable for mountain biking.
Karhulenkki trail (

Kelvenne ridge trail

Kelvenne is a ridge island in the Päijänne National Park. There is a ridge trail in the middle of the island. Kelvenne has beautiful beaches and coves. There is also a kettle lake in the middle of the island. You can get to the Kelvenne Island by taking the M/S Elbatar cruise ship, a taxi boat or by paddling with a canoe or a kayak.

Kelvenne ridge trail (

Savottapolku trail

Savottapolku trail starts from Kelkute and it is four kilometers long. Kelkute is in the Evo Hiking Area, which is one of the largest recreational forest areas in the Southern Finland. You can spend a full day or several days hiking in the Evo area. Savottapolku is in the northeast part of Evo, in the Tarus hiking area. While hiking the trail you can learn more about the life of lumberjacks in the 19th and 20th centuries. The trail is also suitable for mountain biking.
Savottapolku trail (

Torittu nature trail

The trail is a total of 27 kilometers long. The trail around the Eteläinen Humaljärvi lake is 13 kilometers long and the northern trail, going around the Kuivajärvi lake is 14 kilometers long. The trail is marked with green guideposts and ribbons.
The map of Torittu nature trail (png, in Finnish)

Virmaila island

Virmaila is the largest island in the Lake Päijänne. The island has three small lakes on it. The island can be reached by a bridge and by boat in the summer. Parts of Virmaila belong to the Päijänne National Park. You can reach the Höysniemi campfire place by car.

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