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Lean-tos, cabins and fireplaces

Nuijamiehen kolo (lean-to)

Along the Päijänne-Ilves trail, about 10 kilometers from the Padasjoki harbor, there is a lean-to called Nuijamiehen kolo. It is maintained by the municipality of Padasjoki. Nuijamiehen kolo is on a beautiful spot right by a natural creek. The area has an outhouse and a woodshed.

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Cabins and lean-tos for rent

For trekkers and hikers there are marked trails called the Ilvesvaellus trails. They have been designed for recreational use and are located on the forests of the city of Hämeenlinna, Evon metsäopisto (school of forestry) and Metsähallitus (state-owned enterprise administering a lot of state-owned land). The city of Hämeenlinna rents wilderness cabins and lean-tos on the area.

Cabins and lean-tos for rent in the Tarus area. 
Further information in the Lean-To brochure by the City of Hämeenlinna (pdf, in Finnish)

The availability of the Tarus area cabins and lean-tos can be checked from the “Timmi” reservation calendar of the City of Hämeenlinna. Further information: (in Finnish)

Kalainsaari cooking shelter

Kalainsaari is an island about one and a half kilometers from the Padasjoki harbor, on the coast of Mainiemi. Metsähallitus has built a cooking shelter and a small beach in Kalainsaari. The island can be reached by boat or by kayaking during summer, and by walking, skiing or skating on ice during the winter. The area has an outhouse and a woodshed.

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