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Nordic skiing

Kullasvuori has many cross-country skiing trails. It is also possible to ski on the ice of Lake Päijänne. Every year Padasjoki holds popular Kuutamohiihto and Postihiihto Nordic skiing events.

Skiing trails and routes (in Finnish)

Alpine skiing and snowboarding

Popular ski resorts Himos, Messilä, Kalpalinna, Laajavuori and Sappee are only an hour’s drive from Padasjoki.

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Snowmobiling is allowed only on marked, designated routes and on ice. Padasjoki has over 100 kilometers of snowmobile trails. Members of the Padasjoki Motor Racing Club (Padmu ry) are entitled to drive on the snowmobile trails in Päijät-Häme region.

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The alternating terrain at the Evo area is almost tailor-made for snowshoeing. Padasjoen Latu ry hires snowshoes.

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Winter cycling

Winter cycling is a marvelous form of exercise. Dress accordingly, grab a bike and go. Fat-tire biking or just fat biking in the spring sunshine is an experience. Padasjoen Latu ry rents fatbikes.

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Tour skating

The whole Lake Päijänne is available for tour skating in the early winter before the heavy snowfall or in the early spring after most of the snow has melted. However, remember to be cautious and beware of the thin ice. Have your ice picks with you and never go on a long skating trip alone.


Evo region is a good place to photograph the night sky, as Evo has little or no light pollution at all.

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