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Trekking and hiking

Padasjoki has a lot of good hiking and trekking destinations. Evo Hiking Area can be reached by taking the Päijänne-Ilves connection trail. Evo Ilvesvaellus Hiking Trail network offers about 70 kilometers of trekking, so an eager wanderer can spend days in the Evo Hiking Area.

Kelvenne ridge trail in the Päijänne National Park is also worth experiencing. You can get to the Kelvenne Island by taking the Elbatar cruise ship, a taxi boat or by paddling with a canoe or a kayak.

Read more about Lake Päijänne cruises and taxi boat services at


Lake Päijänne is called the “paddlers paradise” and it offers a plentiful of routes varying from short, suitable-for-all routes to long routes of dozens of kilometers that usually take several days to travel. Padasjoen latu ry hosts community paddling events every summer. They also rent canoes and kayaks. Read more:


The fishing waters of Southern Lake Päijänne provide diverse opportunities for catching various species of fish. During spring and autumn, the most common fish are the trout and the Atlantic salmon. In the summertime, the usual catches are perch, zander and pike. Read more:

The Evo Area also provides numerous fishing waters, suitable both for beginners and for more seasoned fishers. Evo is a good destination for a fishing trip for the whole family. Read more:



Disc golf

Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, can be played in the full-fledged disc golf course at Kullasvuori. This 18-hole Padasjoki DiscGolfPark is a forest track that offers challenges to an experienced disc golfer. The differences in altitude make disc golfing here a pleasant exercise. During summer, the discs can be borrowed from the Tourism Info booth at the Padasjoki harbor. The Disc Golf Association of Padasjoki (Padasjoen Frisbeegolf ry) organizes disc golf tournaments on the Kullasvuori track.

Padasjoen Frisbeegolf ry: (pages are in Finnish only)



The hiking routes at Tarus and Evo are also well suited for mountain biking. You can start directly from Padasjoki by taking the Päijänne-Ilves connection trail. Another good starting point is the Evo Center. If you wish to take a sorter ring trail, such as the Savottapolku trail or the Karhulenkki trail, an excellent place to start is nearby the “Kelkutteen kämppä” cabin.

In addition, the Kullasvuori recreational grounds near the center of Padasjoki has a variety of trails and differences in altitudes for mountain bikers. A biker can also enjoy the scenery while having a break and visiting the observation towers of Kullasvuori. Remember the mountain biker’s etiquette as the area is also used by hikers and disc golfers.

Other trails suitable for mountainbiking:
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